Jordan and the Nagoya Protocol

Jordan signed the Nagoya Protocol the tenth of January 2012. The instrument for ratification was accepted twelve October 2014 when the Protocol came into force. The Section Nagoya Protocol gives more information on the implementation of the Protocol.


News IUCN welcomes the Kingdom of Bahrain as new State Member

It is with great pleasure that IUCN has received the official notification from the Kingdom of Bahrain to adhere to the IUCN Statutes and become a State Member of the Union, bringing the number of IUCN State Members to 86.

IUCN welcomes the Kingdom of Bahrain to the IUCN family, the world’s biggest environmental network.  The adhesion of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a State Member of IUCN will not only enhance IUCN’s presence in the region but also strengthen the Union’s capacity to influence governments, civil society and the private sector in the good governance of the world’s natural resources and environment.

Welcoming the Kingdom of Bahrain to IUCN ROWA network, Dr Hany El –Shaer, the Director of ROWA said: “Bahrain is a country of diverse natural, marine and wildlife. The country’s diverse resources and cultural, and its growing efforts in the area of nature conservation make us proud to welcome the Kingdom of Bahrain as a new State Member of our Union. We are looking forward to formulating different forms of collaboration between Bahrain and IUCN.”

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Release date 23/04/2019
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