Jordan and the Nagoya Protocol

Jordan signed the Nagoya Protocol the tenth of January 2012. The instrument for ratification was accepted twelve October 2014 when the Protocol came into force. The Section Nagoya Protocol gives more information on the implementation of the Protocol.


News the final report of the project "priorities of scientific research in Jordan for the years 2011-2020

Under a generous patronage of HRH Prince Al – Hassan bin Talal, President of the
Higher Council for Science and Technology, the project of determining the scientific
research priorities in the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan, for the coming ten years was
launched on 18/8/2009, with the support of the scientific research support fund, as a
practical translation of the aspiration of the HCST to map out a clear map for the
Jordanian researcher, and raise its glance to scientific research and its future priorities,
by using the Delfi scientific, international methodology with the participation of
hundreds of clear – sighted experts and specialists in scrutinizing the national needs of
scientific research and development in the different sectors, which have been
determined in 14 sectors, including for the first time: human, educational, social and
Islamic sciences, as well as national security, culture, arts and information, which has
given this contribution to the national, comprehensive feature, and reinforced the
credibility of its outcomes, in addition to granting it a significant national value which
deserves support at both the local and international levels.

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Release date 23/04/2019
Contributor Ziad Tahabsom
Geographical coverage Jordan
Keywords Higher Council for Science and Technology, scientific research priorities

The project of determining the scientific research priorities in the Hashemite
Kingdom of Jordan for the years (2011- 2020), is a scientific national demonstration,
that substantiates the visions of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al- Hussein
regarding the importance of scientific research in achieving comprehensive,
sustainable development, as well as the ambitions of HRH Prince Al- Hassan bin
Talal to reach an efficient policy and a national strategy for science, technology and
innovation, with the aim of strengthening the effective coordination between the
Higher Council of Science and Technology and the Scientific Research Support Fund,
in order to direct the expenditures on scientific research towards fields necessary for
social and economic developmental plans and imposed by age challenges and
national, regional and international drivers of change.

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