Jordan and the Nagoya Protocol

Jordan signed the Nagoya Protocol the tenth of January 2012. The instrument for ratification was accepted twelve October 2014 when the Protocol came into force. The Section Nagoya Protocol gives more information on the implementation of the Protocol.


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The Convention on Biological Diversity is dedicated to three objectives: to conserve biological diversity, to use its components sustainably, and to share fairly and equitably the benefits arising from the utilization of genetic resources. The Convention does not view biological diversity in terms of the extinction of species or disappearance of ecosystems alone. It views conservation of biological diversity as an integral part of the development process, aimed at satisfying the essential needs of both present and future generations. In addition to their ecological value, a greater diversity of species means a better potential for significant medical and agricultural developments, as well as possible solutions to such environmental problems as climate change, water pollution and treatment of hazardous materials. In light of significant reductions in biological diversity worldwide, it is vital to anticipate, prevent and tackle the causes of this loss.

The Biological Diversity Convention is the first global convention which relates to all aspects of biological diversity: genetic resources, species and ecosystems. It declares that conservation of biological diversity is a common concern of humankind and an integral part of sustainable development. By joining the Convention, states obligate themselves to preserve the biological diversity of their countries. In addition, the provisions of the Convention have ramifications on the world market and on Jordan in terms of international agreements on trade and bio-technologies, access to genetic resources and gene banks, development of agricultural products, use of natural resources and rehabilitation of ecological systems.

The global and integrated approach which underlies the Convention on Biological Diversity marks a milestone in the world community’s movement toward sustainable development. Since humankind is dependent on biological diversity for its very existence, it is now up to the Contracting Parties, including Jordan, to undertake the necessary steps toward integrating the provisions of this all-important Convention in their development policies.

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