Jordan and the Nagoya Protocol

Jordan signed the Nagoya Protocol the tenth of January 2012. The instrument for ratification was accepted twelve October 2014 when the Protocol came into force. The Section Nagoya Protocol gives more information on the implementation of the Protocol.


Folder GEF/UNDP: Mainstreaming Rio Convention Provisions into the National Sectoral Policies

Rio conventions in the development sectors project builds upon past capacity development initiatives and current commitments to strengthen Jordan’s institutional capacities to sustainably manage its natural resources and deliver global environmental benefits within the framework of long-term national sustainable development priorities. Among the capacity development priorities identified by NCSA, was the lower level of prioritization given to address multilateral environmental agreements (MEAs) issues and obligations due to inadequate awareness and understanding of the intrinsic values and contributions of the global environment to national socio-economic development. As a result, the government of Jordan represented by the Ministry of Environment commenced the three-year medium size GEF-funded, UNDP-supported Rio project with a broad goal to deliver the global environmental benefits through more holistic and effective management of environment to meet national socio-economic priorities.

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