Jordan and the Nagoya Protocol

Jordan signed the Nagoya Protocol the tenth of January 2012. The instrument for ratification was accepted twelve October 2014 when the Protocol came into force. The Section Nagoya Protocol gives more information on the implementation of the Protocol.


Folder Links of Biodiversity in Jordan

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URL Jordanian Climate Change and Environment Protection Society
URL Ministry of Agriculture
URL National Agricultural Information System
URL National Agricultural Research Center (NARC)
URL Royal Botanic Garden, Jordan
URL Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature
URL The Environmental website by JREDS
URL The Jordanian Natural History Museum at Yarmouk University
URL The Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity
URL The Jordanian Society for Microbial Biodiversity
URL The Royal Department for Environmental Protection
URL The Royal Marine Conservation Society of Jordan
URL iNaturalist-Fauna and Flora of Jordan
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